The Art of Living Seasonally


My first non-fiction book just released!


This book is a bit of a passion project for me. After a lot of research into history, finding out more about the different cultures of the world, I started to notice a trend. Throughout history, with differing cultures and differing religions, our ancestors followed similar patterns to celebrate the changing of the seasons. Our ancestors were much more reliant on the earth than we are today. They also took better care of it.

I wrote this book to help spark some interest in the world around us, helping others become aware of the connection between our annual activities and the changing seasons. I hope you enjoy it!

Available on in both paperback and e-book versions.


Embracing and celebrating the changing seasons helps us appreciate what we have and notice the beauty in each season. This inspirational goal planning book is written in eight parts aligning with the seasons to encourage people to live closer to the earth and achieve their goals. Nature driven ideas on an annual cycle help connect to the living world around us.

It’s easy to forget the need for planning, planting, and harvesting when we have an abundance of food choices available year-round. However, annual goal plans allow us to plan, plant and harvest our dreams, aligned with the seasons. This planning cycle supports a healthier, easier option to achieve our biggest dreams.

Link for the ebook is live now, below.

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Thanks and happy reading!