I need coffee…in a good way

I have several fun updates! First of all, my paranormal romance I’ve been talking about and worked on last year “Waves of Change” is officially done and currently going through a rigorous editing cycle.

While that’s going on, I’ve been plotting out book 2 and 3 for my Detective Malone books. As much as I love paranormal romance and the new world I’ve created with Four Winds, I want to finish up Mal’s story first.

I’m excited to say I have a great outline all paced out for book 2 and plan to start in on the chapters this weekend! What a way to spend Valentine’s day. 🙂

So, those cups of coffee are going to come in handy. Think of me this weekend when you’re enjoying chocolate and wine. I may be having those, too but I’m starting with several cups of the dark brew.